26 July 2011

About Roses

The rose in red color has the intense meaning as compared to any other rose color. It has been accepted as the universal symbol about affection and love. The red color rose has a long and exciting past which has become significant. You will find the red rose to be integrated with fine arts or poetry or paintings.

The red rose always inspires artists and people in love among all cultures. It’s so common that even a child of six years will tell you that the symbol of love is the fresh red rose. In the ancient times and in their cultures the red rose was considered to be the wedding attire and was used for all the decorating in the wedding ceremony.

Consequently the beautiful red rose has got its symbol from these traditions that soon became popularly known for fidelity and love. Later on the practice of exchange of flowers began and so did the message of love was linked to the red rose, as it conveys the strongest message. And as is apparent, it still continues to live the tradition.

The message ‘I love you’ is aptly conveyed with the bouquet of red color roses. The rich traditional way of red rose has concluded in the present day with the lover’s rose tag, it gives a classic sign of romantic emotions and symbolizes true love that are more intense than thorns.

Even during anniversaries or during valentine day, the red roses help one to express his feelings for no perceptible reason indeed. For the ones who are in a fresh romance and budding love, a gift of fresh red roses will definitely begin the new feelings of romantic relations with a desire to commit and to carry forward the relation to a stronger relationship. This characteristic can only be seen in red roses.

In these modern times a pink rose is considered as the sign of gratitude and love. They suggest grace, elegance, charm and sensitive feelings as they had become more established than the other roses.

It sends many positive vibes too. The variety of shades that the pink color has, has also contributed too many other meanings. For example, light pink is a sign of admiration, and conveys the message of compassion.

The Fuchsia –shaded roses gives the meaning of respect and awe and the tradition application is that of thanks. If kept in an arrangement as a decorative item in the room, the rose can make all other things look diminutive and less appealing with its color, aroma and shape.

As the pink rose is used in more than one ways to express an array of emotions, it has got the second position right next to the red rose. The sweet fragrance, the symbolic importance and the beauty has mesmerized many since the ancient times.

Though you may find many changes in the pink rose, it has still retained the place of prominence and consistence in the flower world. In today’s world the pink rose has held an exclusive place that symbolizes sophistication and elegance. So stay assured the recipient of pink rose bouquet will be enthralled and feel loved and special.

White means clean and pure. Angels are always shown in white which is the sign of purity. It is believed that after death one goes to the white bright light. It’s an age old belief to signify white as pure and the same holds for white roses.

The various colors that are found in roses signify some of the other meaning. Similarly the white rose too has something to convey. Apparently white being pure is a sign of pristine and has been considered to represent innocence and purity.

The bridal rose is the other name for this flower; it is also used in traditional weddings. The message it carries is that of unity and is conducive for marriages among the young lovers. The wedding bouquets are mostly prepared with white roses surrounded by different color roses.

The white rose buds also signify girlhood and conveys the primary message of the young love. A gift of white rose bouquet is very beautiful. A look at these bunches of white roses will trigger the pure, clean expression and stimulate friendship and love, respect and admiration. Therefore a gift of white roses can symbolize a fresh start.

They are held in high esteem and related with respect and honor, and this is the reason why they are right for memorial of the one that is departed and was loved. Sympathy arrangement and funerals are all done with white roses because the message conveyed is respect and honor. It also is a sign of tribute, the white rose stands for heavenly abode and so white rose symbolizes spiritual love and respect.

A rose has played an important role in expressing our feelings. Particularly, yellow roses with their bright and vibrant color attract everyone, and convey the message of happiness, love and freedom. The message they convey, their fragrance, their magnificance has always made a special place in the hearts of people. People prefer roses as compared to all the other flowers.

It also says that the special sender is contended with the overall happenings in the relationship. Yellow roses does not stress on the passion and zeal, it is far away from all the attachments and gives away only sincerity and warmth. So, the underline statement evoked by a yellow rose is that of genuine and pure feelings.

A congratulatory message is often expressed with yellow roses too. When there is a need to put across a gesture of fulfillment or achievement. But in the Victorian era, people considered yellow to be sign of negative powers like that of jealousy. It was believed to emit rebellion and hate.

But today it is a good sign and is considered to be warm and affectionate. Yellow roses are the messengers that convey the message of determination and real inspiration to begin something new.

People also rely on the yellow roses to clear the misinterpretation between two people, as this gives the right feelings of genuine warmth. When someone is in the phase of depression, the yellow roses are just the appropriate gift to pacify and comfort at the time of need.

Orange ooze loads of energy that is why the orange roses has a special place amid the favorite flower species of today. Even the color orange has many shades right form light coral shade to a peach and bright sunset shade, which triggers the romantic and passionate thoughts or the sweetness of the citrus fruit or warmth of the rising sun.

It has become a favorite with the rose enthusiast because of the vibrant color of the orange rose right from the time it was introduced in the marketplace.

Orange roses are not for the wild growth; instead they came into existence at the beginning of 20th century, because of the increasing and advanced techniques in hybridization it is possible for the flower cultivators to research on improvising the fragrance and the beauty of the wild yellow roses. Trial carried out by cross-breeding for many years paid off the cultivators when they produced a bright orange rose from the yellow rose.

Purple is an exceptional color for the rose and the meaning too are unique as compared to the other meanings. The color purple’s importance and sign is to be known before you send them to the ones concerned or even for use in weddings.

People believe that the meaning of the color purple is enchantment. This is the reason why young lovers, who fall in love at the first sight, send purple roses which is very perfect. Even during the Victorian period people used to be fascinated with the meaning of colors of roses.

The purple color sign lacks permanence, and can send the message of fleeting emotions. The Royal families used purple color as they stand for opulence, majesty and grandeur.

However, the right meaning is that of instant attraction and passion. Now you know when and why to send a bunch of purple roses.

The orange color is a mix of yellow and red color; it is viewed as the connection of platonic love and friendship conveyed by the yellow roses and the romantic and intense love linked to red roses.

Giving a bouquet of vibrant orange blooming roses symbolizes budding love and the wish to convert the friendship beyond just friendship into something more concrete. As there is an apparent link between the rose colors of intense and passionate emotions and fire, the orange rose bouquet make an apt gift for your love.

Gifting orange roses are the exclusive option to the usual conventional red roses that is if you wish to express your feelings of passion or your fire of love or the fiery desire. On the other hand they work well if you want to evoke positive feelings and true friendship and consideration. It shows the compassion you have for the person or how you wish the best to her by giving her the orange roses.

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